The most advanced brain interface.

We are taking the latest neuroscience technologies and making them available in a sleek and affordable headband. Designed to improve your cognitive abilities during the day.
Unleash your brain’s full potential.

Human Cognition

Our cognitive abilities reside in the part of the brain called the neocortex. Cognitive functions are organized in structural clusters with networked connectivity across the cortex. Your ability to focus, learn, remember, think and imagine all emerge from these interconnected networks.
Insai is combining electrical and optical brain sensors with machine learning to decode your cognitive activity in real-time.

Cognitive Insights

A window into your cognition and mental health.
  • Cognitive Performance

    Get a detailed understanding of how your cognitive performance varies during the day and how you can influence it.
  • Mental Health

    Learn how your stress levels and emotional landscape affects your cognitive performance, and how to make them work in harmony.
  • Neurofeedback

    Translate your mental activity into guiding auditory feedback, that you can use to train your attention, equanimity and other cognitive skills.


The cortex is very plastic, meaning that it has an innate ability to adapt to training. This is why we can learn new skills and why children can learn so fast. Cortical plasticity can be regulated non-invasively, using electromagnetic stimulation. This means that we can actively help shape network connectivity in the cortex.
Insai's electrode-arrays makes it possible to selectively stimulate specific cognitive networks to be more plastic.

Augmented Intelligence

Use the headband to radically improve the way you learn and process information.
  • Laser Focus

    Increase mental clarity and seamlessly sink into concentration.
  • Accelerated Learning

    Go through content faster and encode the information more efficiently.
  • Super Memory

    Retain more of what you learn and retrieve knowledge better.
Flow states, on demand.

How it works

The headband adapts to your brain and learns the stimulation patterns, that will optimize your cognitive performance.

Your Questions, Answered

  • Is the headband safe?

    Yes! More than 15 years of academic research and 170.00 peer-reviewed studies support the safety and efficacy of the technologies used in the insai headband.
  • How large is the current used for stimulation?

    The Insai headband uses a tiny electrical current (less than 2 milliamps) to gently stimulate your brain. For comparison, this is 1/100th of the electricity already flowing in your brain, and about 1/20th of the energy absorbed by your brain during a 15-minute phone call.
  • Who can use the headband?

    Adults over 18 who want to improve their cognitive abilities and optimize their brain health in a safe and effective way.
  • How is the headband different from other brain stimulating devices?

    The Insai headband combines brain-sensing and stimulation in one device. This closed feedback loop, allows the device to adapt to your brain and deliver neurostimulation optimized for you.

Let's upgrade cognition

It doesn’t stop here, the headband is designed to extend and cover most cognitive functions in the cortex. So whether you want to use it for emotional regulation, language acquisition or something else please let us know.
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