Unlock your brain

Building the most advanced non-invasive brain interface with innovative neuroscience technologies. Designed to improve your cognitive abilities during the day.
  • Smart headband

    An advanced closed-loop brain machine interface with brain sensing and stimulating capabilities

  • Research Platform

    A research platform built to help scientists discover new insights about cognition

Cognitive Insights

A window into your cognition and mental health.
  • Cognitive Performance

    Get a detailed understanding of how your cognitive performance varies during the day and how you can influence it.
  • Mental Health

    Learn how your stress levels and emotional landscape affects your cognitive performance, and how to make them work in harmony.
  • Neurofeedback

    Translate your mental activity into guiding auditory feedback, that you can use to train your attention, equanimity and other cognitive skills.

Insai Products & Services

  • 1


    We are building a smart headband that helps improve the user’s cognitive abilities. It is a brain sensing and stimulation device that synchronizes the user’s brain into states of high performance. 

    Insai headband
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    A software platform built to conduct brain research at scale. We want to help the scientific community discover new insights in cognitive neuroscience. A suite of scientifically-validated neurocognitive tasks are available to evaluate specific elements of cognition, including working memory and attention. The platform offers users the tools to conduct studies, manage data and perform analysis all in one place. 

    Neuroresearch v2

Building the Future

We are a team of ambitious scientists, engineers and designers striving to augment cognition through neurotechnology. We have set out to build a safe, non-invasive and affordable headband using the latest advances in neuroscience technologies. Eager to get our device in the hands of researchers, gamers and enthusiasts, we have built platforms that are suited for these communities. The possibilities are endless and we look forward to building the future with you.
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