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Elevate your gameplay

Lacking focus in critical moments? Poor decision-making leads to costly errors for your team? Practing for hours, but not seeing any results? We can help. The root of the issue tends to be your state of mind.

Our gaming platform combines innovative brain-sensing technology with advanced gaming analtyics to give players real-time feedback on how to play more effectively. 


    Team Benefits

    Join our platform with your teammates and watch as your team soar up the rankings. We are here to help teams cooperate in new ways and provide valuable benefits for players and coaches alike.


    • Monitor your mental state (stress, fatigue, focus)
    • Detect in real-time when you are in the zone or when you are more prone to make an error
    • Practice more effectively
    • Detailled breakdown of your game performances
    • Keep track of your progress


    • Monitor your players' health
    • Make tactical changes based on your players' gaming and cognitive performance
    • Avoid overtraining your players 

    Brain Analytics

    Our platform is designed to ensure that you are in the right frame of mind to get the best performance. AI-driven algorithms are used to infer patterns between your brain signals and your game performance. Equipped with this knowledge, we can provide users with:

    • In-depth game statistics
    • Mental performance tracking
    • Progress charts
    • Personalized practice suggestions
    • Daily and weekly goals
    • Social feed to connect with your teammates
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      Advanced Gaming Gear

      The smart headband uses advanced brain sensing and stimulation technology to learn from your brain patterns and help you stay focused.

      • Insai.4330
      • Smart Tech

        Smart sensors designed to safely record and stimulate your brain while gaming.

      • Sleek Design

        Compliment your gaming gear with a stylish design that is fully compatiable with gaming headsets.

      • Live in comfort

        Comfort is king! Soft fabric coupled with a flexible build makes you forget that you are even wearing it.

      How do you get that edge?

      Leverage the power of neurotechnology

      • Measure
        Want to play at your best? Track your level of focus, mental fatigue and stress throughout the game.
      • Learn
        Acquire the ability to learn new skills and tactics faster through the use of neurostimulation
      • Train
        Get in-game practice tips based on brain-based recommendations.

      Gaming Platform

      Team up with Insai and unlock your brain! Our team is dedicated to help you improve your gaming skills. We are committed to providing you with round the clock support and we actively encourage your feedback.
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