Developer Platform

We want to help researchers and developers discover new insights about cognition and the brain. Help them push the frontier, by creating a platform for new key breakthroughs.
  • Assessment Platform

    Platform to manage studies and evaluate the behavioral neurocognitive performance in subjects.
  • Brain Cloud

    Computational infrastructure to store, process and simulate vast amounts of brain data.
  • Cognition Lab

    Integrated data-science environment for cognitive research and model development.

Brain Research at Scale

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    Agile and Distributed Studies

    Assessment Platform makes it easy to recruit subjects and handle all the administrative work required to perform research studies. It lets you design the test-batteries and tasks, that will help answer your research questions. It automatically synchronizes with the Insai headband and since it runs in the browser, everything can be done remotely. It allows you to reduce your time budget for administrative work with 95%, and scale your studies to +1000 subjects. Less administrative work, more research.
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    Seamless Data Management

    Brain Cloud makes data processing and management a breeze. All repetitive preprocessing steps are automated and you have real-time access to all your research data. It is easy to annotate and share data with your team and other scientists. With access to open research studies and datasets, you can extend and build on other's work. And with powerful brain simulation environments, you have the tools to experiment and discover new stimulation protocols for cognitive improvement and medical treatment.
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    Easy Analysis and Documentation

    Cognition Lab lets you explore, analyze and visualize your data in one place. It includes state-of-the-art signal processing and machine learning libraries, that will help take your analysis to the next level. Built on top of JupyterLab, it allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations, and narrative texts.
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    Share & Publish!

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Assessment Platform

Manage subjects and tasks all in one place. It is easy to manage and run productive research studies. And with the comprehensive catalog of cognitive tasks, you can access various aspects of cognition in your subjects.

Brain Cloud

  • Data Services

    Intuitive annotation and management tools, that help you store and share high-quality data at scale.
  • Neuroimaging Datasets

    A growing list of curated datasets containing EEG, NIRS and MRI studies, that you can easily explore and use for your research.
  • Simulation Engine

    A highly optimized simulation environment for calculating electric fields and current flow induced by transcranial electrical stimulation (TES), so you can experiment with different protocols.

Cognition Lab

  • Integrated Environment

    All-in-one software environment, that integrates with Assessment Platform and Brain Cloud , giving you the most comprehensive brain research environment.
  • Extensible & Modular

    It easy to configure the UI to match your workflow and integrate with other devices using Lab Streaming Layer.
  • Software Libraries

    Our state-of-the-art deep learning, signal processing, and visualization libraries are preinstalled and available to you so you can turbocharge your research even further.
  • Open-source

Better software needs better hardware.

The insai headband is a research-grade device, at a consumer price point. It seamlessly integrates with the developer platform and enables you to push your discoveries to insai headband users. Let us make a difference together!
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